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Elita began its operations outside Poland in 1988. Its many years of experience in various lines of business, including construction, enabled it to confidently enter the Polish real-estate market in 1999 under the name "ELITA INWEST". The name Elita Inwest Developer emphasizes the firm’s main activity. We are currently active in Bydgoszcz, Poznań and Słupsk, and plan to increase the number of our developments throughout Poland.

We strive to work with each customer based on an individual relationship, taking their wishes and needs into account. We implement new technologies to make our housing developments exceptional and unique. The floor space and layout of rooms in our homes combine modern design, comfort and practicality. To ensure residents’ security we build fenced and monitored estates, which also have Internet connections and cable television. There are plenty of green areas and children’s playgrounds.

Summary information about our developments is listed below.

BYDGOSZCZ (stage 1) – 96 homes, planned completion August 2008

floor space from 34 to 160 m2; price of home €1600 per m2; outdoor parking space €5500; parking space in underground garage €8200; price of garage €950 per m2; shops and business units €1600 per m2.

BYDGOSZCZ (stage 2) – 84 homes, planned completion May 2009

floor space from 42 to 95 m2; price of home €1700 per m2; outdoor parking space €5600; garage price €950 per m2; shops and business units €1700 per m2.

POZNAŃ (stage 1) – 12 homes, planned completion April 2008

floor space from 28 to 65 m2; price of home €1720 per m2; outdoor parking space €6600.

POZNAŃ (stage 2) – 36 homes, planned completion August 2008

floor space from 28 to 65 m2; price of home €1820 per m2; outdoor parking space €6700.

SŁUPSK – 30 homes, planned completion August 2008

floor space from 34 to 62 m2; price of home €1200 per m2; outdoor parking space €3200.

On the pages describing our development projects you will find tables containing flat numbers, information on floor space and storey, and layout plans.

We invite you to invest in guaranteed security, confidence and stability.

My grandfather wants to buy country real estate . He says that he always wanted to purchase country real estate but he never had enough money to do so. He found a guy who wants to exchange country real estate for a collection of stamps from the year ninety-eleven of the royal mail. Grandfather says that this man was looking for this collection of stamps for almost all his life. My grandfather bought the stamps as a gift for his wife, my grandmother, Alice. Alice was a very beautiful woman. She is now too. But she did not like the stamps and grandfather bought her flowers. That was the value of the stamps a few decades ago. Now, for that few dollars spent on a piece of paper, you can buy a valuable real estate which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. My grandfather can’t believe this. But he is very happy that he can buy a house without spending any money. He will be living in there with my grandmother and I am sure that they will be happy in that house. They gave me one stamp from their unique collection.

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We would make contacts with house owners that have home to let and seek for willing prospective tenants. Our real estate agency has been existed for five years already and our clients appreciate our unique experience. We are able to find people wanting to hire or buy house in demanded location. Our database contains already one and a half thousands of current ads and their number is always growing. We have separate portals for sellers and purchasers. You can use our functional explorer to find the realties you look for. To purchase home you should just enter your tags in our explorer, such as "four bedrooms", "garage", "partly furnished", "countryside" etc. and you will get selected ads fitted to your directives. Therefore you may find a house of your dreams without leaving your present one. Of course a contract of purchase or lease agreement should be concluded personally. We will successfully lead you through all formalities. Just visit our portal right now.

Flats to exchange available on the market

We are trying nowadays to make our best to guarantee to us and our family the most suitable conditions of the place where we live as it is only possible. Very often we look sometimes for other properties, which will bring us more space with greater number of bedrooms and maybe other features that will be vey pleasing to see. Choosing such types of the offers of the properties as it is often looked for can be for example exchange flat , where we are to find very many flats with contemporary design and in the high floor level. From that reason we are to look for such options like rent house, because we are to find here the profitable features like the upgraded kitchen as well as the newer bathroom. That is the reason why we are to see that kind of the proposition as rent home can have so many willing variants of accomodation and other features that can be important for us. After all we are to consider that such propositions on the market will be very promising for us therefore many people are trying to find th e most impressive apartments on the market.

Exchange real estate and the houses to choose

In today’s time we are very busy and not satisfied with the standard of our way of living, therefore maybe it is high time to think of choosing better property with such kind of an offer as exchange real estate . We can be sure that it will be a great option, because we are to discover enormous number of the properties such like detached houses or the apartments as well as the offices. All of them will have profitable features of the structure or of the accomodation. In that case we will not loose anything if we are going just to look for the houses in such proposition on the market as purchase real estate . We are to find that with such an option like buy real estate we can change our life forever and without wasting our precious moments or our money. Therefore many interested people trying to discover only the most promising offers of that kind, especially through the web site, where we can see all of the features in the description below the photograph of the property that we have chosen. As if we are to see, the need of the properties is enormous, so we can find the houses in all of the types of the structures.

The optional Birmingham apartments with real estate offer

By this time we are very often seeking for the most profitable properties with all adequate features that would be able to fulfill the conditions that have the great importance for us, therefore we can be interested with such positions on the property market as apartment Birmingham , which can have such features like the large dining room, which can have connection with the kitchen. We are also trying to discover that kind of solutions of the properties like office Birmingham , which can be very optional if we are to go working in that type of the apartment, therefore we would like to see here such fittings like the kitchenette with oven and burner. Another satisfying proposition on the market might be such option as land Birmingham , which may be suitable for us in every possible way, because we can find here huge square of the area in optional localization that will bring us a huge comfort. In that case, we can see that it is very popular offer and it will be worth for us to see such lands with this offer, because we will be pleased about it.

How to buy property ?

First of all, should devote time to understanding, such as searching newspaper ads, network, or in various offices involved in the search real estate . Pay attention to the location, transport facilities and surroundings. This involves spending a lot of time analyzing the bids as they usually do not all bids are properly submitted. You can save a lot of time arranging for search intermediaries who provide the offers most relevant to our needs in order to simplify the job search and better deals for such companies is how best to determine what exactly we are looking for. Presenting our requirements is noted and we wish to live on the ground floor, first floor or the attic, which due to restriction is definitely cheaper. It should also consult the complete documentation of property like housing co-operative should be able to obtain a letter from the co-operative housing provider to put up for sale, and information whether the apartment is not indebted. In the case of home ownership issue should be presented differently to ask for an extract from the Land Register which contains information about the Real Estate.

Rent Apartments In Houston Is A Good Move

Rent apartments Houston and shifting to the city is a good move as it is considered to be a good place to raise a family. The job market is looking good in the Houston Area. There are many great areas to live in and also many good school districts to choose from. Texas is known as the friendly state and you will see the proof as you settle in to this metropolis. If you want to buy house Houston (with some extras) look West. There are a lot of kids of all ages everywhere you go which would be a great neighborhood for your family. The city has a combination of the vibrancy of the city with the comforts of the suburbs and also the best possible blend of good jobs, low crime, quality schools, reasonable home prices and lots to do. The low costs attracted residential and commercial developers, as well as big corporations that transformed the area in less than a generation. When it comes time to buy home Houston, you will want to examine all possibilities. Whether you rent or buy, a Houston condominium is a superb choice. From the ordinary, uptown home to the luxurious, downtown high-rise, condos are available for every taste and price range. The average selling price is $216,499 and the average price per square foot is $132.68.

Homes for sale in San Jose - A Chance Of A Lifetime

The current slump in the economy has resulted to a great number of home foreclosures in real estate for sale San Jose, California. However, the misfortunes of some may present a golden opportunity for others. With the abundant supply of foreclosure houses in the area, with most of them selling at below the market value, there is no better time to buy a property than now. Investors buying a distressed home, not only help a desperate homeowner who would rather sell real estate San Jose than face the trouble of going into foreclosure, but they also help the housing market recover from its slump and thus the economy. Before going on a real estate shopping spree, take time to learn why a property goes into foreclosure so that investors would not be on the same boat with its owner after several years. Many homeowners lost their jobs, reducing their financial capacity to pay their mortgages. Others took out loans that are risky, with monthly mortgages way beyond their capacity to pay. Some opted to walk away from their homes because they owe more on their mortgage than the total market value of their homes. The major reason why many smart buyers prefer to buy foreclosure properties is because of the cheap prices. They spend a minimal amount of money to buy house San Jose, spruce them up a little and rent or sell them for a huge profit. Get in touch with expert and know all pertinent information about the property such as prices, locations and features.

Flat Sale Los Angeles Is In Boom Due To Low Market Prices

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How to Buy Home in San Diego

Are you sure about the type of house you need to buy or sell house San Diego. The type of apartments that you are mostly going to find in the city of Washington are efficiency type, single bedroom, double bedroom, three bedroom and even four bedroom apartments. You can even opt for a townhouse, garden house etc. There are a few house hunters who do not have enough money to go for outright purchase – rent flat San Diego is one of the leading choices for these people. While you are purchasing a house in Washington, you need to keep in mind the following tips: a) Hire a good real estate agent as he can surely make your house-hunting job a lot easier. These people are highly trained and skilled to find you a good Washington based apartment. Everything under the budget you have allocated. b) Compare the rates that are being offered: The rates that are being offered vary from one house for sale San Diego to another though they may be located at the same location. You need to compare the prices and settle for the one that is the best among the lot. Obviously you need to match your requirements as well as budget so that you are able to settle only for the best.

Time To Buy Flat In San Antonio

The prices cannot be always this high, but not so for the sales available to lay down the hands on the best available flats. But don’t get confused and misguided in this theatrics. Behold! Buy flat San Antonio has got the perfect guidance protocol to guide you through the errors and make you reach your destination ground of buying the most edible flat, fitting in your budget, as well as giving plenteous space to you to decide over the deals and look for other factors like basic suppliers, closeness to business and schools and hospitals, as well as other amenities. Becoming more and more insecure about the price of your apartment? Thinking that you won’t get the desired rate to provide a satisfactory sale to investor? Sell apartments San Antonio with its new venture in the sector of apartments helps you bring the deals with no loopholes and benefiting accordingly, taking in consideration the factors of locality, surrounding atmosphere, and importantly basic suppliers. The long wait for all big time investors also ends here with buy real estate San Antonio arriving in command to reach out and secure the best of land deals.

Call us on 0048-605900900 or 0048-609-909-909; fax no. 0048-525840003.

We speak Polish and Russian.

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Firma Elita Inwest działa na polskim rynku nieruchomości od 1999 roku. Od tego czasu przeprowadziła wiele inwestycji polegających na adaptacji i modernizacji nieruchomości pokoszarowych, magazynowych i przemysłowych na cele mieszkalne, a także wybudowała wiele nowych budynków. Obecnie działalność firmy koncentruje się głównie na takich miastach jak Bydgoszcz, Poznań. Nasze projekty mieszkań i domów, zwłaszcza rozkład pokoi i standard wykończenia, konsultujemy w miarę możliwości z Klientami, starając się dostosować do ich wymagań oraz uwzględnić życzenia i potrzeby. Dążymy do tego, aby powierzchnia i rozkład pokoi w mieszkaniach i domach była połączeniem nowoczesności oraz komfortu i praktyczności. Realizując inwestycje, wdrażamy nowe technologie. Aby zapewnić mieszkańcom bezpieczeństwo, wybudowane przez nas osiedla mieszkalne są ogrodzone i monitorowane, a dla lepszego komfortu – znajduje się na nich dużo zieleni. Każdemu mieszkańcowi proponujemy także miejsce parkingowe lub garaż. Obecnie oferujemy Państwu apartamenty w Poznaniu, lofty, mieszkania dwupoziomowe w Bydgoszczy oraz domy w zabudowie szeregowej w Bydgoszczy. Ze szczegółami możecie zapoznać się Państwo w zakładkach dotyczących poszczególnych inwestycji.

Kupujemy i budujemy obiekty komercyjne pod najemców długoterminowych: Jeronimo, Lidl, Media Ekspert, Castorama, Kaufland, Piotr i Paweł itp.